"A Sleep & A Forgetting" out 2/14/12.

Islands are set to release the 4th album in the breathtaking Islands discography. A Sleep & A Forgetting, lifted from a William Wordsworth poem, is a bummer of a record, pretty much the whole way through. Do you like to commiserate over things that go sour in your life? Do you feel better when someone pours their heart out on wax? Cool. Then pre-order the damn thing and it’ll show up on your door BEFORE the release date!  IF you pre-order, you’ll get a signed & personalized valentine’s day card, hand-drawn by me, Nick Thorburn himself. Myself.  You can also get a Total Recall themed shirt. Get it? Get it! And the album, of course.

  1. Shane

    Man.. I missed out on the valentines card thing.
    Can I still buy one with a card anyway? I don’t care if it’s March. Make my winter a little warmer.

    I can’t use my Amazon Giftcard then, but it’s ok. I will give you my cash / credit.

    Let me know. P-p-please?