"A Sleep & A Forgetting" out 2/14/12.

No matter which continent you’re reading this from, we hope this year’s PRIMAVERA line up has enticed you to join Islands in heading to Barcelona in May!  You’ll find Islands at the Parc del Fòrum stage on Saturday, May 31. Set time is still TBD, but we promise to keep you posted. Watch the official Primavera line up video here and if you want more, take a peek at what SPIN has to say about the whole sha-bang. 140128-primavera-sound-lineup-schedule


  1. Iago

    Wonderful, you’re visiting Spain!!!… but I can’t manage to travel to Barcelona. T_T

    Maybe, you can take a detour, and visit A Coruña. ^_^ Here’s a nice place to play: http://www.salamardigras.com/newmardi/

    Just an idea. 😉

    Enjoy your visit!